I am a Texas comedian based in New York City.  I have played clubs, events and venues all over New York and throughout the US ranging from colleges to private events.   Festivals include The Dallas Comedy Festival, and competition festivals where I have been semifinalist, finalist and even placed second.   Someday, I will win something, so come back here for more updates soon.

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Here is A  snippet of one of my performances at Standup NY in NYC
Standup comedian

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January 26th 10:30pm

The next...
At New York Comedy Club

241 E. 24th St (Between 2nd & 3rd)
1/2 - Standup NY (78th & Broadway) - 8pm

1/4- Comic Strip Live (82nd & 2nd) - 8pm

1/4- Broadway Comedy Club (53rd & 8th) - 11pm

1/5 - The PIT  (24th & Lexington) = 10pm

1/5 - Broadway Comedy Club (53rd & 8th) - 11pm

1/6-7 - Omaha, NE

9/29 - PIT Presents - The PIT (24th & Lex) - 10pm

9/30 - The Village Lantern (Bleecker & Sullivan) - 9pm 

2/15 - Greenwich Village Comedy Club (Bleecker&McDougal) - 9pm

- all listed times are show times (set times may vary)

Standup MRI (77th & 2nd) - 8pm  
Village Lantern (Bleecker & Sullivan) - 10pm
Hyena’s Comedy Club (Dallas, TX) - 8/10:30pm

* - all listed times are show times (set times may vary)

   Standup Paddle Board (40 N River Piers) - 8pm

11/02 - Standup MRI (77th & 2nd) - 8pm

7/6- Jason & Eric’s Classy Comedy Night - NYCC (24th & 2nd) - 7pm