Jason Salmon Budweiser commercial
Jason Salmon with Zoe Farmingdale in Pi Yao
Jason Salmon Standup comedy at Standup New York Comedy Club New York City
Jason Salmon with Mary Archbold in Drop Six Production of Neti Pot (Have You Ever Rocked it) Music Video
Jason Salmon at National Comedy Theater with Amy Albert
Production   photos
Jason Salmon in Pride and Prejudice as Mr. Wickham
Jason Salmon Comedy Sketch 60 Something Seconds Black Eye
Jason Salmon doing standup st Laugh Lounge - New York City
Featured  pic
*Me as a fed up Santa on NBC’s 30 Rock
*These are my headshots.  In real life, I am neither as mean or as friendly as I seem in them.
(Me as just about everything else)
Jason Salmon Standup Comedian Publicity Shot
Jason Salmon Tough Guy
Jason Salmon Headshot
about my pics
The top photo is from a recently aired episode of 30 Rock.

The Middle photos are my headshots with various looks.

The shots at the bottom of the page are stills from various productions and performances I have done.
Jason Salmon as Santa on 30 Rock